Nicole Graniero Washington Ballet and American Ballet Theatre

"Francois Perron is an unparalleled teacher.  He set me on the path to my professional career in ballet"

Philip Gardner Oberon"s Grove

"Francois Perron's style brings out the musicality and grace of the dancers.  If I was a young ballet dancer here in New York City, I'd want to take class from Francois every day."

Ballet Alert 2012

"Atmosphere is supportive and positive. Most of the students have come from other well-known summer intensives and are very focused. No sense of competition, my daughter met a lot of new friends and thought everyone was lovely and kind. My daughter did not feel that there were favorites and everyone got attention. If anyone is looking around for an August summer intensive, we would highly recommend FAB."

Philip Gardner Oberon"s Grove

"The best description of Francois Perron's class is, it's a lyrical experience. His style calls for elegant, seamless transitions and he could immediately determine the source of any ­aws and explain what the dancer needed to do to achieve the proper execution. One might think that that would be a given in ballet training at this level, but you'd be surprised at some of the things that have passed uncorrected in classes and rehearsals that I've watched."

Dana Genshaft Reflects on her Unique Training Path - Pointe

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Jun 2, 2015 ... I spent some time before my video audition preparing with François Perron, the artistic director of the French Academie of Ballet in New York ...


How I teach a Tour en l' Air