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We’ve put together some of the most important info for parents below. Please take time to browse through the information. If you need further help, just reach out to us and we’ll help you out as quickly as we can.

What is Battery Doing?

● Cleaning mid-day: clean wiping of door knobs, light switches, bathrooms, and pianos.

● Evening cleanings of floors and bathrooms, door knobs, light switches, and pianos.

● Disposable sanitary wipes available for use: As a studio share, Battery Dance believes in our
community to help keep our spaces clean and COVID-free. Disposable sanitary wipes are
available in both studios for renters to wipe down barres, equipment, and benches before and
after each use. Battery Dance does not have the financial resources to hire a cleaner between
services, but we can help one other take care of our spaces.

● CDC recommended MERV-13 filters have been installed in the HVAC units, which will trap
90% of virus particles when in operation. We recommend operating the fan at all times.

● Battery Dance is staying updated on the latest CDC health guidelines and following
directions as they are updated to help keep our community safe and effectively moving forward
in our artistry.

What Can You Do?

● Follow the restrictions and guidelines

● Wear a mask in all public spaces and while in the studios

● WASH YOUR HANDS for at least 20 seconds, and don’t touch your face.

● Stay at least 6ft apart from others

● Clean up the space before and after each use. Do not leave any personal items behind.

● Institute your COVID-19 screening for your students/teachers/artists before entering the
building each time you enter the space. 

● DO NOT COME to the studios if you have pre-existing conditions that put you in the
higher risk category for COVID-19.

● Notify Battery Dance if anyone in your group has a fever or has reported symptoms of

Battery Dance Covid 19 Vaccine Protocol

● All renters and visitors (5 and over) ARE REQUIRED to show proof of vaccination to enter Battery Dance Studios.

○ By renting and entering the premises, the studio coordinator is subject to vaccine card checks upon entry.

● Renters or visitors must email the studio coordinator their vaccination card at least 2 hours BEFORE entering the premises. Failure to do so will result in present and/or future denial of access to Battery Dance Studios.

● The 5th floor door must remain closed at all times.


○ Anyone who is allowed in must show proof of vaccination



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